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Here’s a round-up of some of the many new to range lines that have hit our shelves in the last month or so. For more details on the very latest parts please contact our friendly & knowledgeable counter team.

First Line

In the last month First Line have added 51 new references to their catalogue of over 40,000 Chassis, Engine and Braking components for all makes of vehicle.

See five of the most important

Electric Vehicle Parts

Did you know that as of September 2022, 137,498 new electric cars have been sold in the UK? This means new electric vehicles have a 14% share of the UK's new car market. We now supply a growing range of EV parts and accessories. Please ask one of our friendly counter team for details.

NAPA Launches EV Charging Cables

NAPA has made it simple to step into the world of Electric Vehicles (EV) with a brand new and innovative range of EV charging cables that we now have in stock. All NAPA EV cables are rigorously tested and certified, we stock a wide range of cables to suit most electric vehicles and our cables offer a high quality alternative to OEM products.

Find out more about NAPA’s EV cable range

Supercharge Free Calipers From APEC

During October, a massive 177 new parts have been added to the popular Apec Surcharge Free caliper range. Top applications include a rear left caliper for the Audi RS5 2009-2017.

For more information and to download the new to range, click the link below.

Apec Red NTR

78 new parts have been added to the Apec braking range this month, including the introduction of 9 brake discs and 2 brake pad sets that are first to market. You can read all the details on their New To Range Flyer.

Apec Black NTR

October also saw twonew brake pad sets added to the Apec Black range (PAD2139B, PAD2286B), both of which are suitable for Mercedes and Jaguar applications.

See the details on the Apec Black October flyer.

Apec & NAPA Rotating

Last but not least last month also saw the launch of 9 new alternators and 4 new starter motors in the Apec Rotating range. NAPA has also added 20 alternators and 4 starter motors to their rotating range this month.

Or more details on the latest new to range parts and accessories please contact our friendly & knowledgeable counter team

NAPA Safety Gloves are Now Available

These gloves are ideal for protecting hands when working with greasy and oily parts in a garage or workshop. They are Impact Resistant, have a secure fit, are touch screen compatible are fully certified and the range accommodates all hand sizes.

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